30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 30: your favorite movie

Well, you know me, it’s not like I’d be able to narrow it down to one, so I chose my top 3: Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Frog, and The Lion King, in this order. The Lion King used to be #2 though.

And that, friends, is the end of the 30 Day Challenge on my end! Thanks for enjoying!

30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 29: your favorite movie of the Millennium Age (2000-present)

you have to have seen this coming from a mile away

So. I also love pretty much everything from the Millennium Age as well, with like two notable exceptions

…but I’m more or less obsessed with The Princess and the Frog, and I really don’t care what anyone says. I feel bad for not seeing it on its opening weekend (for the record, I went to Atlanta that weekend, and at the time I was actually still living in Baton Rouge), especially because in the months prior to the release date, I was already fangirling over it. Don’t worry, I eventually caught up and immediately fell in love. Not only is this movie high on my Disney movie ranking, but also on my all-time movie ranking (as in, top 5). And as stated in Day 9, Supreme OTP (*swoon*).

Bonus: Mama Odie’s mannerisms remind me a lot of my paternal aunt, and at least half of my other biological relatives act a lot like Louis, Ray, or a combination of the two. Needless to say, family reunions are always fun fun fun.

30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 28: your favorite movie of the Renaissance Age (1989-1999)

Honestly, I pretty much adore all of the Renaissance movies for many, many reasons

but my favorite movie from this era, without a doubt, is Beauty and the Beast…and this is probably not going to come as a surprise to ANYONE. I mean, this movie has it all for me: gorgeous art and animation, a very unique cast of characters, top-notch music, and on top of it all, a very deep message. After I first saw this movie, I became OBSESSED with Belle (see Day One of the countdown). I mean, I had to have EVERY PIECE OF MERCHANDISE with her on it. And my mother certainly had no problem with that, because Beauty and the Beast happens to be her favorite movie ever.

Also, until recently, I didn’t think there was anyone as crazy-possessive as Gaston, but then Yuno came along…she makes Gaston look…well, not all that bad.

30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 27: your favorite movie of the Dark Age (1960-1988)

I know not a lot of people know this movie even exists, or have only seen it once, years and years ago

but The Rescuers is still one of my favorite Disney movies ever. I was giddy as all get-out when I heard it was coming out on Blu-ray (we still have our VHS, but it’s somewhere I’d rather not try to search for it). I didn’t realize how emotional this movie made me until I got older; I liked it just for all the cute talking animals when I was little.

Also, still looking for the naked lady someone managed to splice into this movie…

30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 26: your favorite movie of the Golden Age (1937-1959)

oh no, I didn’t give up on my challenge

but anyway, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is my favorite film from this era, no question. And I hate that everyone thinks Snow White is so useless because all she does is cook, clean, etc. Well, when your bitter-as-all-hell stepmother has condemned you to kitchen work most of your life… I know her “keep your head up” attitude may come across as trite to some, idk, I think it takes a lot to endure so much abuse and still come out so optimistic. And speaking of the Queen, she scared the daylights out of me as a kid, but as I got older I grew to love her, ESPECIALLY when she assumes the form of the hag (talk about CHEWING THE SCENERY). And I wished I had friends like the Dwarves as well (yes, even you, Grumpy).

  30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 25: a movie you think is underappreciated

There’s actually a LOT of underappreciated Disney movies, mostly from the Dark Age and much of the Millennium Age. And I know I could have easily chosen Treasure Planet or Brother Bear (which are also majorly underrated), but my vote goes to Meet the Robinsons. pls don’t kill me I love the underlying message of the movie: don’t throw in the towel just yet; things are gonna get better. And I just had to add that final screenshot quoting Walt in the picspam; I don’t think it would have felt right without it.

(And yes, my blog is still MtR themed, for the really big fans out there)

30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 24: the first movie you remember seeing

…well, quite honestly, there are many more movies than this, because my ma had quite a few Disney movies by the time I turned five, but these are the first three I can recall off the top of my head. I distinctly remember getting home from school and racing inside to put one of these movies in.

Ahhh, good times.

30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 23: a line that inspires you

Even though this line specifically refers to Dumbo’s big ears in-universe, in the real world, this line can be applied to most anything. Basically it’s telling all of us to rise above our personal obstacles, flaws and imperfections, self-doubt and what have you.

Well, okay, I have nowhere conquered my constant anxieties but I’m slowly making progress. I have to tell myself this a LOT, though.

30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 22: your favorite ending

Oh God, why did I even make that a choice? Part of the reason this is late is because I had SO much trouble trying to narrow it down because TOO MANY HAPPY ENDING FEELS

…but in the end I realized that the ending of The Princess and the Frog gives me ALL THE FUZZIES. Okay, yes, it’s a bittersweet ending (which they’re only too happy to drive home) but GAH I just feel so uplifted after everything.

…I’m pretty sure most of my followers are not surprised at all by this.

sorry not sorry

30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 21: your favorite romantic moment

…oh yeah, like I’d be able to try to pick just ONE. Disney OWNS the romantic moment thing; I’ve got WAAAAAAAY too many favorites. I finally managed to narrow it down to six romantic moments that I absolutely love, though.

30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 20: your favorite musical number

Oh my Lord, I used to loop this part of the movie over and over when I was eight because I was just enthralled with EVERYTHING about it: the composition, the colors, EVERYTHING (I’m amazed I didn’t kill the cassette from doing that). Of course when I got a little older I finally understood what the lyrics were really talking about, but URGH nothing will EVER touch Colors of the Wind.

30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 19: a moment that makes you happy

Well, this scene actually overlaps with Day 16, because it made me sob SO HARD.

I think the fact that there is no dialogue uttered at all during Rapunzel’s reunion with her parents makes the scene that much moving. She may not have that long golden hair anymore but they can still tell that that’s the same little girl they’ve waited eighteen years to be reunited with. And though I didn’t show it in this set, the Queen pulling Flynn into their hug is especially nice too. :’)

I’m pretty sure the reason this scene touches me so much is because around the time I first saw Tangled, I finally met my biological father, who always suspected I existed, but finally got confirmation on that, and I cried then. Like, a LOT.

30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 18: a moment that makes you mad

Don’t get me wrong; I still think the mermaids in the lagoon are very beautiful…but in my eyes, they become quite ugly when they start splashing Wendy like that. The funny thing is, though, that I used to find this scene hilarious. And I know that Peter laughing at the whole thing is kind of a nod to his immaturity, but still, I can’t help but get really annoyed at that.

30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 17: a moment that scares you

Well, much of Pinocchio is Nightmare Fuel Unleaded as it is - and totally on purpose! However, I want to draw special attention to two things in particular.

The first of those is just the way Pleasure Island works in general. It’s like, “Hey, kids, here’s your chance to smoke cigars, drink booze, smash and burn shit and all that great stuff without consequence!” In actuality, boys who hang around long enough actually get turned into exactly what they’re acting like - jackasses. That’s scary enough by itself, but then these boys-turned-donkeys are then sent off to toil endlessly in salt mines, circuses, and wherever else, with the realization that they’ll never see their loved ones again. And seeing as these are young boys who probably aren’t accustomed to hard labor as it is, it’s essentially a death sentence for them. Lampwick’s complete transformation into a donkey, while only partially shown, is quite unnerving as well, especially as his cries for his mother turn into nothing more than anguished braying.

And then there’s freaking MONSTRO. That big ol’ cup of NOPE is scary enough on its own, but just the idea of Gepetto actually surviving for that long inside a whale’s belly is just a little more than scary if you ask me. Then there’s that scary-as-hell chase scene in the middle of the ocean. Seriously, Monstro ranks very high on the list of things from fiction that freak me out (along with Kyubey, Frollo, and the Shadow of Vincent).

30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 16: A moment that makes you cry your eyes out




But URGHHHHH, this is arguably one of the saddest damn scenes ever - not just in the movie itself (which is really saying something, as this movie is just one big sobfest), not just in the Disney Animated Canon - ever. Widow Tweed is setting Tod free to protect him (even though Amos Slade and Copper find him anyway………..), but Tod has no frickin’ idea what’s going on, and as he keeps trying to move toward her, she just gets farther away. And then his face as she pulls off in her car…ow, my heart. ;A;

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