30 Day Animated Feature Challenge
Day 7: Your favorite friendship

…probably not much of a surprise coming from me huh

but I can’t help it; I adore these two ;A; What I love most is Charlotte’s unselfish attitude. Let’s recap: first, she gets back from dancing with the “prince” to find her best friend covered in powered sugar and whatever else. You’d probably expect her to be like “oh” and run back onto the dance floor. Nope. NOPE. Instead she cleaned Tiana up and lent her one of her dresses. Sure, she was a bit oblivious to what was really happening but STILL

and THEN, well what do you know, she’s thisclose to marrying a prince, something she’s been wishing for pretty much all of her natural-born life…but SURPRISE, the prince is really in love with her best friend. Instead of going all alpha-bitch and trying to manipulate people, she gives up that dream so her best friend can be happy. If that doesn’t say “true friendship” I dunno what does.

2012 October 24th
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