I added a donate button to my blog. 

My dog Ebony, I’ve had since I was 8 years old, she’s going to turn 16 this year, and she’s really healthy and loving and the light of my life. 

But she has developed something on her side, that is getting bigger. We’ve taken her to the vet, and they said it would cost about 800 dollars to be removed. (that’s way cheaper than I thought it was going to be) but it’s so much money that we don’t have. I do have a job, it’s only part time, and I am looking for a second job, as is Jacob. We’ve cut back a lot of things, and we’ve had a lot of bad luck these past few months. So our money is really tight. And I just..

I love her so much, and I will do anything to keep her happy and alive, she’s not in tremendous pain or anything, but the longer it’s on there, the more it can cause pain and I can’t handle that. I will do anything, even if it takes me lowering my dignity and pride and asking my followers to help me out.

You don’t have to donate if you don’t want to. You don’t have to reblog this, but if you want to help me, I’d really appreciate it. I’m going to do other things to try to gain money, of course, but I need any help I can get. Thank you for reading, and thank you so much if you help out!



you know how a lot of fandoms have designated tags for their gifs and edits to go under (there’s #frozenedit for Frozen, #meedits for Mass Effect, etc)?

well, I’m establishing the #wirgraphic tag for Wreck-It Ralph graphics because hell, this should have been done already tbh. There’s already sufficient enough activity for that tag to remain active, and I don’t know why no one did it sooner. Plus it does make searching for edits and gifs a bit easier (I don’t actually search tags, buuuuuut…)

so yeah, there you go. if you so choose, you can tag your WIR graphics with that new tag. just make sure that when you use the tag that it’s in the first five, because those first five are the only ones that will allow your posts to show up when searching

ok have a good night

favorite bloggers (either in personality or just their blogs) and why?

animationalley (Tayler). Because she is kind, smart, funny, original and I love the things she makes on her blog, or just reblogs. We’re really good friends with very similar opinions on films. And I feel like we understand each other very much. Every time she’s on my dash, it brightens up my day.

sentimentaldisney (Casey). We’ve met in person, and she’s just incredible. She’s shy but full of thoughts, ideas and creativity. We value each other very much and appreciate each other, and we always have each other’s backs. Her gif skills are superior, and I love seeing her stuff when it’s on my dash. 

tooshaknowsbest (Toosha/Tasha): She’s my favorite because I love her style of gifs and how much her blog relates to my interests. She reblogs nothing but quality post and her humor is my favorite, and her gifs are always super crisp and clear. and we can talk for hours.

bibbitybobbitywho (Boo): She has a wide variety, funny personality, she gives so much to her followers like providing links for people to watch disney films and non disney ones too. She’s beautiful, and nice but stands up for what she believes in. Her queue is always running and she finds a diverse amount of posts. And her gifs are great too. :]

sensationaldisney (Kim): her graphics are the BEST on tumblr, her level of skills are phenomenal, and her coloring are A+. She makes me laugh, smile, and her opinions are always on point. When she posts, you know your dash is filled with HD gifs!

rogeradcliffe (Hayley): Great gifs. Funny personality, and she rocks my socks off. I love seeing her stuff with a good variety of films as well on her blog. Her personality and life are so interesting, I love reading all her personal posts even though I don’t always agree with them.

llionkings (Marc): WONDERFUL GIFS. Amazing personality, and just being all around wonderful. His blog is just full of quality. 

studiioghibli: A recent follow but alll their posts are such good quality and absolutely my favorite ghibli blog, next to ghibli-magic, aprettyfire and ghibli-gifs

disneydiversity (Ally) : Better known as fuckyeahdisneyfanart. She’s speaks her mind about representation and brings awareness to people for very important issues. I believe if people followed her, the world could learn so much, because she’s so informative and understanding. Her blog is for poc in disney, but also feminism, and awareness of the lgbtqiap+ community.  I love her so much, and her other blogs have a+ gifs on them too!

storybrooke (Eline): prettiest gifs! such beautiful gifs, beautiful personality, she’s like the real life snow white. And the best Once Upon a Time blog, but makes the prettiest disney gifs too! She makes me so happy and is kind to everyone she talks to. 

disneyismyescape (Shannon): Quality blogger with a quirky funny personality. She’s sarcastic and sassy, and her gifs are great. She’s very nice too, and I love seeing her comments/thoughts/posts on my dash. Also, she reblogs a lot of disneybounds and face characters, which is different for a disney blog.

because this list is long enough, people that i would always recommend:

fuckyeahdisneysongs,fuckyeahnondisney, agrabahprincess, anightmarefantasmic, lewis-carroll, animationforever, bluthmagic, disneyforprincesses, disneyforeveramen, caddies, disno, unfinishedchildhood, disney-gif

They make my dash amazing.




Sign Petition to Shut Down WeHeartIt



Please, go and sign this. Also, reblogging this link would be highly apprecciated

weheartit is actual GARBAGE

my graphics have ended up on that piece of shit website one time too many

which has led to people reposting them here on tumblr one time too many



cancersyndrome replied to your post: swervestarbreak replied to your post:…

Idk about graphics but I’ve seen fanart where people leave out either Mulan or Pocahontas or both. B/c they ‘aren’t real princess’ and I think you need to question that. Because they are disney princesses and that makes it even more white than it wa

Your repiy got cut off at the end and is a little off topic but since we’re here, yeah that gets to me too.

I don’t know if you’re actually referring to original fan art or group posts of other people’s fan art but since this is tumblr, probably both.

Maybe they’re not “princesses” in the traditional regard at all but they’re still part of the Official Disney Princess Collective and deserve to be included with the rest of them.

Wile we’re on the topic of princesses though, I have no patience for those classic elitists that try to drop the Millennium Princesses (Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa), or for that matter, any of the Disney Animated Canon features after about the year 2000 (no matter how questionable some of them were) because “they’re not classics”. Now that really boils my blood.


swervestarbreak replied to your post: gelasticscholastic replied to your po…

This really sounds more like a case-by-case basis to me. I can understand why it would be disrespectful sometimes, but sometimes it can be reasonable and/or funny and/or helpful.

Let me put it to you like this from a graphics maker’s viewpoint:

If a graphics maker has spent an extensive amount of time on a collective photoset (anywhere from several hours to possibly a couple of days, depending on the style), and they get reblogs with people slapping images of characters/ships/etc that they have missed (most of the time unintentionally), then it makes the original poster feel that they actually have to go back and edit the post just to satisfy some unhappy people.

Let me tell you, nobody actually wants to DO that, especially if they were proud of the effort that they put into what they made until people started whining.

There’s also the matter of numbers. For example, I saw a post highlighting certain magical transformations in Disney Animated Canon. If I remember correctly the set had six gifs measuring 245 pixels in width, and someone felt the need to add someone they missed in the comments. I’m very sure the original maker was hard pressed to find an eighth to even it out, but wanted to keep the gifs at 245 pixels because you can hold more frames than in a 500px gif, and even though I’m heavily biased towards the character that was omitted, yeah, if they were not able to find an eighth, someone was getting left out.

There’s also the case of tumblr user mickeyandcompany’s (beautiful, might i add) Valentines Day photoset. They left several couples out and eventually got a string of people like “you’re forgetting one:” and then “no. you [image] are [image] forgetting [image] several [image] couples [image]”. They actually had TO GO BACK AND REDO THEIR SET JUST TO GET THOSE UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE TO CALM THE HELL DOWN holy shit that made me so mad

Also, for that one person that reblogged the last post with ?????????????, if someone has a post that has certain colorings, texture overlays, and even background extraction, yes, posting someone else’s (un)edited gifs/screencaps in the comments DOES KILL THE LOOK.

I wish more people would understand this like ???????????

gelasticscholastic replied to your post: if someone forgets something in a coll…

Wait I don’t get why adding images in the comments is a bad thing?

Because it’s rude, disrespectful, inconsiderate…in all honesty, this should not even be a question.

Plus it messes up the stylistic flow of a post.

if someone forgets something in a collective photoset

  • do not go in their askbox wondering where X character/ship is
  • do NOT reblog their post with “this post doesn’t have X; INVALID”
  • DO NOT
  • ???????????????????????????????????????

I’m sick of reposters. Can you tell?


People who make edits for fandoms work hard on them, they really do. They make them for themselves and for the fans of the character, ship. show, etc. They don’t make them to please everyone. If you don’t like the thing, don’t reblog the thing. Don’t reblog it and add your theories and rude comments. Enjoy the artwork or don’t touch it. Respect other peoples hardwork whether or not you agree with it.

disneyismyescape’s mini disney movie challenge
→ day four: a scene that makes you happy a wibbling mess: ralph and vanellope’s go-kart

Pssttt...was wondering if you still needed some money to get to Louisiana? Sorry, totally late but just checkingg ;A;

Oh, thanks for your concern!

And actually with Tumblr’s help we were able to rent a car and get more of my belongings here - I got here over two weeks ago! I also had enough left over to buy a decent supply of food and cleaning products!

I also had a job interview this past Tuesday and have another one Monday!

…i hope someone takes me soon because now i really am running low ;A;



I decided I’m gonna do one of them giveaway things that are so hot on this site!

I’m giving away a Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS!!!!! WOW!

I purchased it back in 2012 but I barely used it at all (it’s a tad scuffed but that’s actually from it just idly riding in my purse for nearly two years). So I decided that maybe it’ll find a loving home with someone else! (I’m more of a big console girl anyway)

As you can see everything is there - charger, instruction manual, the dock - which is not pictured but I do have it)…everything except for the original box because somewhere along the line I threw it away (OOPS). I’m also cleaning it up so it’ll be nice and shiny when I send it out!

As a bonus, I’ll throw in that copy of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and the accompanying strategy guide (DON’T JUDGE ME)!

Now, on to the RULES AND SHIT:

  • Following? Well, it’s not necessarily mandatory, but very much appreciated (if you LIKE the odd hodgepodge of gaming, Disney and J/K-pop that ends up here)!
  • Likes don’t count, only reblogs! And due to Tumblr’s limitations, only the first reblog will count!
  • No giveaway blogs!!!!
  • You have to be willing to give out your address should you win.. If you’re a minor I’ll need some kind of authorization from a parent/legal guardian so all our asses don’t get in trouble.
  • I’ll ship anywhere in the WORLD! IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!
  • The winner will be chosen with a random number generator. Once chosen, you have 72 hours (3 days) to respond to a message that will be left before I throw it out and a new winner is picked. YOUR ASKBOX MUST BE OPEN!!!!!
  • If you only reblog the post to signal boost and you somehow get picked, let me know so I can choose another winner.
  • Giveaway ends March 31!



when xbox reblogs one of your gifsets


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